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  1. Pra sua informação, já tá atrasado (a), já existe um outro ship, PIKKI……….e jate e skate não é tudo mesmo em LOST, mas dá o maior ibope!! Porque será???

  2. Calma,galera, tá só começando….
    Skates e Jates não depositem suas fichas em nada, porque os produtores de Lost querem é nos ver pirar, portanto, cautela pra não se decepcionarem depois, hein?




  4. Não consigo entender a possibilidade do Jack se apaixonar ou mesmo interessar por outra personagem (Juliet) se a preocupação dele todo o tempo é a Kate. Será que a escolha que ele terá que fazer diz respeito à ela, do tipo, você fica e ela vai em paz?

  5. Eu não havia pensado nisso, ma vcs podem ter razão. Por mais dramática que seja a permanência de Jack com os outros, os sentimentos não mudam assim tão rápido. Mesmo a Juliet sendo alguém com quem ele já tivesse contato. Estou cada vez mais perdida!!!

  6. Cara, eu sou Jate de coração, mas sinceramente… tá insuportável essa richa estúpida aqui nesse blog e em todos os outros cantos.
    Parecem um monte de pirralhas discutindo.

  7. Galera, tô equivocada, ou no Dude anunciaram que teria uma apresentação do 1º episódio lá em Havaí no dia 30? Será que o máximo que conseguiram sobre ela foi essa cena do Jack?
    Tô sentindo que depois desses 6 primeiros episódios ficaremos ainda mais confusos sobre tudo e todos até fevereiro!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Já saiu no!!!VOu colar aqui, é muito grande e só pra quem sabe inglês!!

    Aloha I live in Honolulu and I was fortunate to attend the LOST 3rd season premiere. I dont have any experience typing up synopsis really, however I’ll go with what I can
    remember about the show:

    Remember last season began with Desmond on his exercise bike with Mama Cass song “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, well this season the song opens up with Petula Clark’s “Downtown” with a woman named Juliet played by Elizabeth Mitchell (

    You see The Others outside on a nice sunny day, wearing nice casual clothes and they look up and see the plane splitting apart in two. Henry Gale tells Ethan to go the crash site and pretend to be a survivor and the man Ana Lucia killed, Goodwin ( was told to go to the other crash site. Then opening credits of the LOST begins…

    We now see Sawyer, Jack and Kate all being held in different places. Sawyer appears to be in what looks like a animal cage one would find in a zoo, Kate looks to be in a lockeroom and Jack is in a dark chamber somewhere.

    Kate is asked to take a shower and freshen up, start the day new, she takes a shower only to find her clothes are gone, she looks thru the lockers to find a nice dress and is told to put it on, she doesnt have much choice and there are no clothes around besides the towel around her so she puts it in. She is led to Henry Gale who is sitting in a nice dining table setting next to the ocean with breakfast, forks and knives, etc. He asks Kate to put handcuffs on so she wont try anything funny. Kate asks why has she been told to dress like this and why is she being given a nice breakfast and such. Henry Gale replies that he wanted her to feel civilized and enjoy the moment because for the next two weeks she will be going thru hell which made me think is she going to be put thru some sort of The Others version of a bootcamp??

    Meanwhile Juliet attempts to give Jack some food, which he refuses, she asks him lots of questions and he sarcastically lies and says he is a repoman. She tells him he has to sit towards the wall in the corner so she can safely bring the food to him because he needs to eat and drink something because the medicine they gave him he may dehydrate. So he agrees to let her in and then attacks her threatening to break her neck, kill her, he is trying to find a way out of this holding chamber cell when he sees Henry Gale. Jack tells Henry Gale he will kill her if he doesnt answer him why he is there and such, Henry says go ahead and kill her because if Jack opens some door or touches some button they will all die so it wont matter.

    He does and Henry bolts out of there as fast as he can as thousands of gallons of water comes rushing thru the area they are in. Jack and Juliet recover by going into some doorway and he asks if he is in a aquarium, she says somewhat that they are indeed underwater and this is where the dolphins and sharks are tested.

    Now to Sawyer….he is in an outside cell that looks like it has magnetic forces inside it. Sawyer attempts all kinds of things to get out, a teenage boy is held across from Sawyer as well and tells him not to do that, Sawyer doesnt listen and gets bounced around the cell by I asssume the magnetic force. The teenage boy, Sawyer dubs “Chachi” figures out how to get out of his cell and breaks Sawyer out and they
    escape, while you hear over the loudspeaker a siren that the escapees have well escaped. They are re-captured, the boy appears to have been beaten up a bit and is forced to apologize to Sawyer for getting him involved in his escape. Sawyer continues to try and figure out this strange cell he is in and tricks it and suddenly water comes out of the rain gutter and some large cracker comes out from another
    area and Sawyer tests it out, finds it edible and Kate who has just been taken to a outside cell across from Sawyer is thrown a piece of the cracker to eat for herself. One guy from the Others notices Sawyer had figured out how to get food and water and says the Bears who used to be in there did it alot quicker, Sawyer asked “how many bears were in here”, but didnt get an answer.

    The backstory for the show is about Jack so we see him at a lawyer’s office with his wife and they are preparing for the divorce, she asks him where is his lawyer and he says he fired him, it seems Jack wants to reconcile but she does not. Her cell phone rings and she talks to someone and laughs, enjoying her conversation. Jack asks who is this guy she is talking to, he will give her everything from the car, boat, money, etc. if she will tell who this man is that she is now with. She doesnt answer. Next you see Jack in his doctor’s office researching phone numbers to find out who the man is. His father walks in and he tells him, “Jack just let it go”. He is telling him their marriage is over, just move on and let it go. Jack’s father’s cell phone rings and Jack begins to think its his wife on the other end, so he follows his father around and what looks like a hotel happens to be a AAA meeting. Jack yells at his father and accuses him of sleeping with his wife, the lady at the AAA meeting
    says that is father has been sober for 50 days, you should be proud of him, relax, calm down, etc. Jack’s father tells him, “just let it go” again, Jack has had it and attacks his father slamming him against the wall and is beating him up. Now we
    see Jack in jail and his bail is paid, its his wife and she says she called a cab for him, he follows her to her car and sees a man standing next to the car and asks if that is the guy who she is now with, she says what does it matter and that your father called me rip roaring drunk and crying and that you had been taken to jail.
    She tells him if there is one positive thing you can make out all of this is that you can go fix your father since you like to “fix things”.

    Back to Juliet and Jack in the holding chamber, she says she has a book, that is like a book on your life, she tells him she knows all about him from his schooling, to his profession, to his family, his ex-wife, etc. She even has Jack’s father autopsy report, he asks how can she get things like this and she says they can get anything they want, he asks Juliet if his ex-wife is happy and she says that she is very happy now. Juliet had been working on trying to get Jack to communicate with her and had finally succeeded.

    The show ends as she leaves the chamber and Henry Gale is standing there and said, you did a good job, Juliet you got to him. She replies and doesnt seem to be quite fond of Henry, but she tells him, “thanks BEN”. And the show fades to black. So the guy’s real name is Ben. No previews for next week but I’m sure we’ll see those on Wednesday.

    as far as the episode goes… discredit any rumor involving characters other than jack, kate, sawyer and henry… and the new characters, juliet, and carl. besides those 6, mr.smiley and jacks wife and dad, there are NO other regular cast members in it… so no, hurley doesnt find a naked desmond in the jungle, at least notin this episode

    From dharmasecrets
    “the first 5 minuetes was awasome. it starts with a book club meeting in an ordinary town, then there is an earthquake(from the hatch) and everyone runs outside. you see henry gale,ethan, and the others come outside in ordinary clothes in an ordinary town. then you see flight 815 overhead cracked in two on its was down. henry gathers his troop and directs ethan to pretend he is a survivor and make a list within three days. he directs the others to do something else (i forgot, not important). then the camera zooms out and you can see that this ordinary civilized town is on the island! the island is way bigger than we thought. the camera shows us that right on the other side of the mountain next to our caracters beach is the others little town . like a little paradise in the middle of a desert.. that was the most exciting part of the episde. it was extremely confusing at first than it was like wow!! ask away any other questions”

    This episode has Jack, Henry, Sawyer and Kate. Also a couple of others and a Jack flashback. No other losties appear.

    Kate is made to wear a dress and then she goes for breakfast on the beach with Henry. Later she is locked up in a polar bear cage near Sawyer and she seems shaken up. Also, her wrists are cut up a bit from the handcuffs she was wearing. This is odd because as far as we know she just has a nice breakfast on the beach.

    Hurley is not in the premiere. [Promo pic from 301 was wrong]

    Sawyer spends the episode trying to get food. His cage is set up so that he has to push a sequence of levers to get food. When he does it right he is rewarded with bear food.

    The first few minutes is in the others community. The others are discussing a book that they read and then all of a sudden ther is a rumbling and they all run outside. We then see the plane breaking apart in the sky and Henry sends two guys out to infiltrate the losties.

    “I guess Ethan and Goodwin. They are on the guest star list of ep1.

    There is a really limited cast in this episode.

    In the flashbacks Jack is trying to deal with his divorce. He demands to know who his ex is seeing and will not drop the subject. Eventually he thinks that it was his father that she left him for. At one point he attacks his Dad.

    From HaleiwaDiva
    OMG!!! The first 5 minutes will blow your minds!

    Starts off with an eye…then we she a blonde woman we have not seen before. She is in a house and she runs to the oven because she notices her muffins are burning. She opens the door burns her hand on the muffin tin and drops the muffins all over the floor. The doorbell rings and it’s her mom come to visit her.

    The next sceen we see her living room with a group of people sitting around. It’s a book club of some sort and they are discussing a Steven King book ( kinda arguing about the book actually).

    Suddenly there is an earthquake…everyone runs to get in the doorways. The earthquake stops and everyone runs outside. We see other neighbors outside too, everyone is checking on each other.

    Fenry runs out of his house and everyone looks in the sky to see a plane flying overhead. Suddenly the plane breaks into 3 pieces! Fenry says they neeed to go find the survivors!!!

    We see Ethan and Fenry tells him to hurry and infiltrate himself with the survivors, prentend he is one of them.

    From chick
    Spoiler: Jack flash back mostly focuses on him & his soon to be ex-wife. Jack suspects his dad might be having an affair with her. He is obsessively trying to find out who the guy is that she is leaving him for.

    Jack flash back mostly focuses on him & his soon to be ex-wife. Jack suspects his dad might be having an affair with her. He is obsessively trying to find out who the guy is that she is leaving him for.

    Kate is in an indoor area and Zeke is in the room when she wakes up. He tells her to take a shower. When she finishes her shower he clothes are gone. All that’s left for her is a sundress the locker says “wear this”. Then Zeke escorts her to the beach where Fenry is waiting with a full on breakfast set up. He makes her put on handcuffs and tells her to eat because the next 2 weeks are going to be very difficult.

    From lost
    Jack is in an underwater hatch. He tries to escape and floods the place but is recaptured. The blonde woman from the beginning of the show messes with his head and ends up making him obey her.

    Sawyer is in an animal cage like at a zoo. In the cage across from him is another guy who actually escapes and breaks Sawyer out as well. They are both captured. Kate ends up in the cage once occupied by the guy who trued to escape.

    From phoenix
    No desmond this ep, sorry…though he was on stage

    I think all of them were having their heads messed with.

    Also, IMHO the males, Jack and Sawyer were the most likely to remain aggressive and attempt escape. They were both allowed to make escape attempts which failed. Kate was told by Ben (Not Henry) that he wanted her to have a pleasant memory to hold on to, the next two weeks would be unpleasant. Thats why the nice dress, the sit down civilized meal, etc.

    From deelee
    Yeah, I guess I am lazy, and I also don’t remember every detail well enough to write a summary. The first 5 minutes were the best part. Most of the show took place in cages, with Sawyer and some guy trying to escape, and an underwater station called Hydro- (something.) Jack was locked up in a cell in the station, and Juliet kept wanting to give him food–she wanted him to step away from the cell door, so she could pass him some food and water, but he refused. Finally he gave in. Juliet also had a book about Jack, with details about his entire life–where he went to med school, details about his marriage to Sara. She also knew that Jack’s father had died, and she said she had the autopsy report of his death. It was at that point that Jack kind of backed up and stood with his back to the wall of the cell (as Juliet had requested.)

    From LOST-TV

    “I think the last 5 minutes were focused on Kate and Sawyer sharing a “fish biscuit” that Sawyer gets from his cage (actually how he gets the buscuit takes up most of the time we see Sawyer)

    Then the end is Jack finally losing his will to fight and sitting against the wall as the blonde woman gives him some food & drink.

    Oh yeah I think we learn that Fenry’s real name is Ben. at least I think that’s what she called him. “
    Source: Various

  9. Olha, eu sou shipper, e postei meus coments aqui de boa, sem xingar ng. Mas me sinto ofendida ( e tenho certeza que outras meninas, Jaters e skaters tb) por estar sendo xingada desse jeito. Se vc não gosta da discussão, por favor comente educadamente, ou então nem comente aqui. Procure outro post e pronto.

  10. Fabi e a anônima acima estão corretíssimas! Mais “idiota” do que ficar discutindo numa boa sobre os romances da série, é xingar, e faltar com respeito aos outros! QUEM ESTÁ ACHANDO O BLOG IDIOTA, É SÓ NÃO PARTICIPAR!


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