Rob McElhenney em Lost

Mais um ator vai integrar o elenco de Lost. Rob McElhenney (com participações em Law & Order e ER) vai aparecer na nossa telinha já no primeiro episódio do retorno da série, em 07 de fevereiro. Segundo McElhenney, ele interpretará um do "Outros" e...... "Digo que apanharei bastante de um dos... membros mais bonitos do elenco,"ele disse rindo. Espancamentos à parte, "Foi incrível,"ele completou. "Viagem grátis para o Havaí. Nada mal".

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f.f disse...

Mais um? Estou com medo que Lost vire Páginas da Vida, mas parece que esse é o cara que leva uma porrada da Kate no promo.

henrique soarez disse...

desconheço... hehe

Rodo disse...

hj nao tem lost moment? =/

Anônimo disse...

Taá o cara que a Kate dá uma cacetada no promo...

Anônimo disse...

com certeza vai apanhar da Kate!!!

Selmont disse...

Ele é o cara que leva a 'pazada' da Kate! \O/

Não me perguntem por que, mas não consigo imaginar a cena XD~

Anônimo disse...

dude! por favor traduz uma notícia que chegou no site


eh sobre o primeiro episódio: not in portland

Anônimo disse...

fala galera... achei um texto na net bem bacana do damon lindelof falando do futuro de paulo e nikki... mas não deu pra ler tudo pq meu inglês é péssimo... mas aí vai:

Damon about Nikki & Paulo:

Two of your most prominent characters right now are Nikki and Paulo, the castaways who were introduced during the mini-season. Did you guys think that it was risky to introduce them that way?

Well, that is a case where the separation of the season actually hurts you, because Nikki [Kiele Sanchez] and Paulo [Rodrigo Santoro] are actually part of a larger story that has not yet quite activated itself, and what you have seen so far is really setup for the big payoff that happens in the middle of the season, around episodes 13 and 14. It’s just a scenario where all I can say is that we think the payoff of the idea is very cool, and you just have to trust us a little while longer.

Nikki and Paulo have talked to each other about one of the complaints that some critics of the show have, which is that in this big group of 40-odd survivors, there are really only a handful who do stuff that matter. Are Nikki and Paulo going to be used to further that element at all?

I remember there was an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” called “Below Deck.” Basically, the entire episode was told from the point of view of the guys who were bouncing off of your primary characters. So it was like, “Oh, yeah. There is a whole other crew to the Enterprise that’s around, but never f--king does anything.” The idea of hearing what they had to say is inherently interesting to me. We initially talked about doing that with Nikki and Paulo, but it was like, “Do we want to do that out of the gate, or do we want to see them in a couple of stories first, and then have the audience go, ‘Who the f--k are these guys? I would’ve noticed them—they’re spectacular looking. So what are they trying to pull on me here?’”


bem que o dude poderia postar né?